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Newsletter 2005-10

Realtime Software is pleased to present the Final Application Enhancement Listing for Release 6.32.

Listed below are just a few highlights of the most recent Enhancements that have been made to the Realtime Software Corporation baseline software package - some of which are new features, and some are Upgraded and Enhanced existing versions of programs. 

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(User name: dealer / Password: realtime)  

There you can download a complete listing of all Enhancements and Resolutions that apply to the 6.32 Revision of the software package by clicking on the Customer Documentation, and Software Revisions link ! 

(NOTE: you can request and receive a free customized listing of all Enhancements and Resolutions to the Software Package that apply to YOUR individual system, effective from the date your system was last updated, by simply clicking this link and sending email to support@realtimesw.com )


  • Group email / fax / print capabilities for Invoices, Statements, and Order Acknowledgements when printed batch style (Activefax required)
  • Various fax and email status reports and inquiries are now available via ODBC updates to the system. (Activefax required)
  • Activefax ‘Passthrough’ print queue ability – print to any Windows accessible network capable printer (Activefax required)
  • Credit Text notes can optionally be printed on A/R and A/P Trial Balance reports
  • A/R and A/P Trial Balances now have export to Excel option
  • New program to void an entire cash receipt and re-open A/R records
  • Print Customer A/R Statement directly from Customer Inquiry
  • Check History and Payment History reports directly from Customer Inquiry
  • Cash Receipts – Range of entry option features are enhanced and customer is no longer locked while posting cash
  • Detail Invoice Inquiry – more options to change data, including all text fields
  • Suppress printing $0 items option on Invoices for applicable Order Types
  • Instant print of Credit and Debit memos as they are created option
  • Option to Password protect a Batch
  • Background Batch Processing - numerous programs can be run automatically at pre-determined times, or on a rotating regular timed basis - i.e. Nightly Batch Processing, File-Save, Inventory History Updates, Fax/Email status updates, etc.
  • Call Batches from a Menu item or via a Screen Jump option
  • Sequential New Auto Customer/Vendor/Prospect numbering option
  • Bad Distribution Record fix – multiple bad dates and account clean up at once
  • Posting General Ledger journals into future fiscal years ability
  • Physical Inventory reporting – exportable to Excel capability
  • Virtually all “scrolling list” displays in the system (customer, vendor, and inventory inquiry drill downs) allow the ability to choose transactions by sequence to speed up research methods instead of keying in document numbers
  • Ability to search on customer names, vendor names, and descriptions using multiple exact string searches
  • Inventory Inquiry Program - more drill down options as relating to Manufacturing - i.e.: BOM, MRP, RD, WU
  • Order, Purchase, Invoice inquiries - all display a '+' if line items have text, or SN for if committed SN's are on a line item
  • A/P Invoice Entry w/PO – updates existing LIFO/FIFO strings for parts automatically when entering invoices with variances
  • Open Orders / Purchase Orders reports – shows attached items - i.e. linked Orders
  • Purchase Order – Open PO Inquiry Scroll
  • Alternate Customer Number in Customer Master - to be utilized for Textron direct ship p/o downloads
  • Serial Master Inquiry – Service report – summary, detail, invoice reprint - get a detailed listing of all service work performed on a specific serial number - in summary or detail
  • ‘After Sales’ Order Type processing to update S/N Added values
  • Accuterm print report to Web Browser option / view most any report in a web browser screen instead of having to print to paper (Accuterm required)
  • Batch Processing Email Print queues - ability to have certain reports or registers that are run in Batch - be emailed to an individual instead of printed. (Activefax required)
  • Screen Jump and Menu Jump overrides - security options
  • UTILS menu enhancements - now shows Batch Runs, Batch Running Maintenance, Reset-user capability
  • Data Retrieval Statement Maintenance – Standardized Headings on reports
  • Numerous additional reports now utilizing the Report Template functionality
  • Work order variance reporting now has several new summary report options
  • Work order inquiry now allows drill down to all transactions related to that work order – along with the ability to instantly print a detailed variance report
  • Ability to run cost buildup process during batch
  • New summary WIP report
  • Setup costs on manufactured items can now be amortized
  • Manufacturing WIP numbers have been added to the Executive Information System
  • A manufacturing cost audit file by item number and inquiry program have been added (ICR history)
  • A/P to P/O and A/P to standard cost variance report has report template option
  • Can now view Returned Goods and Recurring A/R records from Customer Inquiry with drill down options
  • Ability to view and release sales orders on credit hold via a scrolling list with drill down options
  • Additional programs have been updated to display colors
  • Inventory History (IH) records are now created for any transaction that alters the value of an item (even if quantity doesn’t change)
  • All Inventory History records now store the on hand value after every transaction along with an error quantity and amount if discrepancies from prior transaction

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Group email / fax / print capabilities for Invoices, Statements, and Order Acknowledgements when printed batch style (Activefax required)

Now available - whenever it's time to print your nightly Group A/R Invoice run, Group Order Acknowledgement Print run, or even an end of month Group A/R Statement run - each customer can be configured individually to have their respective documents Printed / Emailed / Faxed - or any combination of the same - including multiple email or fax requirements if needed ! ( See example screens below)

As an example, an individual customer may request to be configured to have their A/R Invoices Emailed to 2 different personnel in their Accounting Department.  Another customer may allow Faxed invoices to their purchasing department.  Some customers may even desire Emailed Order Acknowledgments once their orders have been placed on a daily basis.  All of the above scenarios can now be easily accomplished.

Each time you can avoid printing a physical document - you can save the cost of postage plus the employee expense of time spent stuffing envelopes. Even faxing invoices can become a money saver.  Considering the price of today's typical long distance services, Faxing invoices is usually more cost effective than normal postage rates.  Simply setup a Group Invoice Print Run in your nightly batch, and review the Group Fax / Email reporting structure the next morning to review which items were emailed and faxed to whom. 

Get your system upgraded today and start saving time and money immediately !

Stay tuned - We will keep you up-to-speed in REALTIME  !
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Realtime Software Corporation
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