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Customer References 

Austin Turf & Tractor

Conrad Fire Equipment, Inc.


Krigger & Company, Inc.


Oliver Products


Congratulations to Austin Turf & Tractor, with locations in Dallas, TX, Marble Falls, TX, & Albuquerque, NM - a Realtime Software User, and John Deere Golf & Turf Distributor -

Austin Turf & Tractor was presented with the Mark Rostvold Award for the third time since 2001 during the Annual Distributor Awards Dinner held at Mardi Gras World on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009.

The Realtime Software Corporation Business System Software allows us to manage our business in an extremely efficient and effective manner. This system provides the necessary tools to stay on top of our Inventory Management and Accounting functions. The statistical reporting capability of this system is outstanding, giving us the ability to review all aspects of our business at any time. Using the Active Fax portion of the software we have increased our ability to service our customers in a more timely way, while at the same time reducing the cost and the time it takes to get an invoice into the customer’s hands.

Harry Jukes, Director of Operations
Austin Turf & Tractor


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Our experience with Realtime Software has been positive from the very beginning in 2003.  Our initial installation was well planned and executed and their staff was more than patient getting us started.  Probably the most important factor for us in choosing Realtime was their reputation for customer service and support.  There is a lot of software out there that will do basically the same thing but what set Realtime apart for us was their customer service.  They are always quick to respond no matter how small the problem.


We have recently been working with Realtime to provide accounting services.  This has been a very cost effective way for our small company to have a fully trained accountant that is fully trained on Realtime software watching our daily transactions and compiling our financial statements.  To get this level of fully trained accounting and software support would cost us several times more if we were to staff our own accountant.  We have been very satisfied with this arrangement and are exploring other opportunities…  


Paul Schultz, President
Conrad Fire Equipment, Inc.

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We have been using Realtime Software for our business since 1989. We have found the business programs to be very powerful and very flexible in their use with our business, and the people at Realtime have been very helpful in answering our computing needs.


We have recommended Realtime on numerous occasions and would gladly do so again in the future. Many of the software changes we have seen over the years have resulted in increased ease of use and continued flexibility for data input.  We have always been impressed that Realtime includes the software source code as part of their programs, which gives us the ability to make minor changes on our own without the expense of software development. On the other hand many changes that have been made to the base software now make it simpler for us to design reports using standard programs, and the increased use of tables and templates has given us the ability to more accurately account for differences in our sources of income or areas of expense.


Our business has changed dramatically over the past 18 years and the need for accurate and timely information for use in making management decisions is even greater today. We look forward to the continued support from the skilled people at Realtime Software and the continued improvement to your product.


Tim Fitzgerald, President

Krigger & Company, Inc.


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I am the Information Technology Manager for Newstream Enterprises in Springfield Missouri.Newstream (NSE) is one of 12 SRC Holdings Companies.As the Senior I.T. person at SRC managing a central SRC I.T. Department, I was asked to analyze SRC, each company and make a recommendation for future I.T. support that would be cost effective, scalable, and efficient.

Near the end of 2005 I completed recommendations for SRC companies.
  One of those companies, Newstream, asked me to setup their Information Technology Department, locate applications and systems that would better fit their needs.I moved to Newstream Enterprises in January 2006.   My task was to completely overhaul Newstream Enterprises business system and network.I met with Realtime Software as well as other VAR’s and systems application companies.  NSE decided to migrate to the latest version of Realtime Software. By the spring of 2006 our complete conversion was in place.  The result was far better than I anticipated.  Prior to the conversion, in 2005, NSE’s total sales revenue was 30 million dollars annually.   The system we were using prior to Realtime was no longer effective or efficient.  It did not handle the business requirements.  I had myself and one Network hardware person on Staff at NSE.

Since the upgrade, I’ve had no need to increase staffing in Information Systems employees. Our Sales revenue has grown each year from 30 million to a 170 million in 2010. NSE has over 21000 SKU’s, approximately 9000 customers, and 130 employees. In 2005 we employed 75, in 2010 we employ 120.

I chose Realtime Software for several reasons. First, I knew how good the support was from experience working with them. The cost for the applications, license, and support was far less than comparable systems. Ongoing costs for changes, development, and business needs was negligible. Realtime Software does not require on staff programmers as most systems do. One of the highest costs for Information Technology is in staffing support. Realtime Software is easy to use maintain and update. Any new system needs or changes are quickly made by either my department or Realtime Employees. Reports, downloads, data retrievals, and changes are form or template based so there’s no real need to write/code a program to give the users information or add functionality to the system.

I’ve found I can hire a new Computer Systems graduate, and with Realtime employee’s assistance, train the new I.T. staff member in a matter of a few weeks or months, compared to years of training on other systems. A small project or change utilizing the old Newstream system that would require several hours or days of programming time and testing to complete, takes minutes to a few hours using the Realtime System.

The user community loves the flexibility and ease of use. Instead of trying to remember what sequence of menus or keys are required to retrieve or look at information, they utilize ‘fastpaths’ or ‘mnemonics’ (screen-jumps) to get from one place to another. Searches, data inquiry, instant updates, and ease of data reporting make the Realtime system a huge time saver.

SRC companies promote from within and NSE often hires new employees from other SRC companies. It’s amazing how many come in and exclaim “I wish we’d had this system at SRC where I worked before”.

From an I.T. perspective, I have been using a 1983 version of the Realtime Software applications that have been modified for our industry for many years. From 1996 until I moved to NSE in 2006, I did basically the same job I do now. The 10 years prior to moving to Newstream, and completing the conversion to the newest version of the Realtime System found me working 60 to 70 hours per week just to keep up. Now, I actually average a standard 40 hour work week while accomplishing so much more.

Lloyd Ellis - Information Technology

Manager Newstream Enterprises

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I have been with Oliver Products Company for over 28 years. Oliver Products is an international company that has been in business for about 115 years with annual sales of $100 million and approximately 400 employees. Our business units manufacture bread & bun slicers, bakery ovens, tray lidding machines, meal packaging systems, and medical device packaging. Oliver installed Realtime’s business and manufacturing packages the year prior to my arrival. During that whole time in the midst of a constantly changing IT environment Realtime Software has been the one constant we could always count on and they have never let us down.

Not too many companies can say that they used the same software for 29 years. I should clarify, that the software we are running today is not the same as it was 29 years ago. Realtime Software has continued to develop and update their software product with new features over the years. We have been running the same base package from the 1980’s but have chosen to make program modifications we needed as a business to fit our unique and changing business needs. We have incorporated some additional features ourselves that Realtime Software has built into to their current package at their suggestion, and under their direction – for example the use of ActiveFax for sending orders, invoices, PO’s, etc. electronically.

Through all those years we have changed platforms, hardware, and OS’s multiple times. We started with Ultimate’s version of Pick running on an Honeywell DPS6 (refrigerator sized mini computer), graduated to a General Automation Mini Computer (washing machine size) with GA’s version of the Pick OS and Data Base and now for the last 10-12 years have been running Tiger Logic’s D3 Database on a Linux Platform residing on a Dell server. What is remarkable, through all those changes is that the software and the Programming language has kept pace with these changes. With Realtime’s help, those migrations have been seamless. Our Applications have worked as expected on all platforms with NO re-programming required.

Realtime Software’s support has always been professional, timely, and effective.

Jim Deur
Database Administrator

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We are pleased to announce that Pierce, E-One and Rosenbauer Dealers have selected our software package to help manage their dealerships. Our integrated Fire Rescue Equipment software module offers many features these dealerships require. Please call or Email for More Information.......


Customer References

We have been using Realtime Software for our business since 1989. We have found the business programs to be very powerful and very flexible in their use with our business, and the people at Realtime have been very helpful in answering our computing needs. . . . ........ Read More


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